Who We Are And Where We Are? ©

PRAAZO, an idea & a growing company with full of creative and enthusiastic team members aims at revolutionizing the advertisement market along with its manufacturing expertise. It targets to create its own place in advertisement cum manufacturing industry. As a company, PRAAZO do not believe in competition rather we believe in creating our own niche in such a prolific industry.

Advertising is one of the key activities in the development of business and is equally important as producing something using raw material, or as capital, manpower, planning, organizing etc. products or services. Publicizing the business to the targeted customers is called advertising which forms the integral part of marketing, and an essential precondition for selling. Advertising is done with vast population and requires organizing and applying human skill and talent and technology backed media.

Earlier, advertising industry was growing at nearly 20 per cent year per year for five years, but the advertising market dipped in 2009 by as much as 10%. After 2009, Indian advertising industry has evolved from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. It has emerged as one of the major industries and tertiary sectors and has broadened its horizons be it the creative aspect, the capital employed or the number of personnel involved. Indian advertising industry in a short span of time has carved a niche for itself and placed itself on the global map.

Indian advertising Industry which has an estimated value of Rs.13, 200-crore has made jaws drop and set eyeballs gazing with some astonishing pieces of work that it has given in the recent past. The creative minds of the Indian advertising industry incorporates have come up with some mind-boggling concepts and work that can be termed as masterpieces in the field of advertising.


PRRAZO, can help a business by providing them the most efficient and economical way of advertisement. We have designed our packages to advertise with us in such a way that every kind of business can avail our services. Interested people can check our Packages on our blog. We provide our customers, a combination of printed as well as social media advertisement platform and believe in maintaining the quality of our work.

Recently, PRAAZO has spread its presence in Uttarpradesh & NCR Region and has achieved a great attention from the industry. We are soon expanding our base to other states and eager to capture more market. Interested people can view about us on PRAAZO or PRAAZO-FB.


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