Feel to have a “Baby Startup”!!!

A startup or having a own business is a dream for many and believe me it is the hardest part of life to start or end. Starting it makes a person happy while closing it make a person sad.

When I started PRAAZO, I felt like yes, this is what I want and believe me it took all whatever I had. Completeness came in the sense that I started enjoying work in holidays and every advertisement on the roadside became a potential customer to me. I used to work late night and time was never a restriction for me and PRAAZO.

Dreams started getting bigger and the necessary support from family made it more interesting. For PRAAZO, I learned several new things like website making, SEO, blogging, and explaining the whole idea to customers. The last part was the toughest but most interesting.

PRRAZO is still in beta phase but as a team we are trying hard to develoe it as a whole product.

Know more about us @ SERVICES & ABOUTUS

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